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The Counting Tree ~ paperback & Kindle now available!

The Counting Tree paperback

The Counting Tree Kindle Version

Heidi Richmond isn’t ready to start her prescribed life.  So, she leaves her family, fiancé, and everything familiar to work at a youth camp in South Africa.  But the culture of 1987 South Africa isn’t what she expected, and she finds herself struggling to adapt wondering if she’s made a colossal mistake.  It doesn’t help that the camp’s engaging director, Johann, is antagonistic only towards her.  Desperate for success, Heidi digs in and starts to make headway until heartbreaking news from home changes everything.


Fifteen years later, Heidi finds herself at another camp, this time in the United States.  Yet somehow everything is familiar and she’s about to find out why.


A charming novel that takes readers from South Africa to the United States over a span of nearly two decades, The Counting Tree is a story of a love that overcomes insurmountable obstacles.

Cover Design by Bronwyn Lowe

Trusting for Tomorrow 

~A story of love both lost and found and a mother unafraid to fight for her sick child~


About the Author

Jennifer Arrington holds a master’s degree in nutrition from Texas A&M University.  Having spent much of her career as a chemistry teacher, she returned to writing while recovering from multiple surgeries after recurrent breast cancer.   A self-proclaimed bibliophile, weekend pianist, and beach lover, she loves to spend her free time paddleboarding and snorkeling.  Inspired by her experiences growing up in South Africa and moving to the United States as a young adult, The Counting Tree is her second novel.  

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